20 Things to See at Changdeok Palace 창덕궁 (昌德宮)

Changdeokgung map

I'm just typing out the places to visit at Changdeokgung 창덕궁 (昌德宮) so it will be easier for you guys to see, especially if you are planning a self-guided tour. The above picture was scanned from a pamphlet I brought back with me after my visit to Korea.

20 Things to See at Changdeokgung:
  1. Donhwamun 돈화문 (敦化門) - the main entrance gate to Changdeokgung
  2. Injeong-jeon 인정전 (仁政殿) - where coronation and congratulatory ceremonies were held
  3. Seonjeong-jeon 선정전 (宣政殿) - where the King met daily with his ministers, the one with the blue roof tiles
  4. Huijeong-dang 희정당 (熙政堂) - also spelled Heejeongdang, this was a council room for the King
  5. Daejojeon 대조전 (大造殿)  - the King's bedroom, where King Sunjong died
  6. Seongjeong-gak 성정각 (宣政角) - court doctor's main area
  7. Gwolnaegaksa 궐내각사 (闕內各司) - administrative building
  8. Seonwon-jeon 선원전 (璿源殿) - shrine for former Kings' portraits
  9. Nakseon-jae 낙선재 (靻鉏豏) and vicinity - a living place for royal concubines (on Fri, Sat, and Sun)
  10. Sangnyang-jeong and vicinity - pavilions
  11. Buyongji 부용지 (芙蓉池) and Juham-nu 규장각 (奎章閣) and vicinity - a rectangular pond and pavilion in the Biwon gardens; Juhamnu is a library (first floor stores books, second floor is a reading room)
  12. Aeryeonji 애련지 (愛蓮池) and vicinity - a beautiful lotus flower pond and pavillion
  13. Yeongyeong-dang 연경당 (演慶堂) - a building modeled after a gentleman's private residence
  14. Jondeok-jeong 존덕정 (尊德亭) and Gwallamji 관람지 (觀纜池) and vicinity - a hexagonal shaped pavilion and a fan-shaped pavilion and pond
  15. Ongnyucheon 옥류천 (玉流川) and vicinity -a stream in the inner most part of Changdeokgung
  16. New Seonwon-jeon 새선원전 (璿源殿) - where former King's portraits were enshrined
  17. Chinese scholar trees - Trees at the front entrance. Some of these are 300-400 years old. Scholars used to congregate here 
  18. Juniper
  19. Mulberry Tree
  20. Chinese gooseberry tree

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